Sony Cam-CTRL LANC / I2C (camera remote control)

Sony Cam-CTRL LANC / I2C (camera remote control)

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  • Model: CAM_CTRL_LANC_I2C (42273)

The Cam-CTRL LANC I2C is a control board to control cameras and video cameras by using your RC receiver, This module supports the SONY LANC-Interface.

The Cam-CTRL can be connected to the flight controller (Flight-Ctrl) or to the Navi-Ctrl (V2.1 or higher). An external compass can not be used in this configuration.

The camera will start recording via a switch on your remote control and will continue until this switch is turned back to OFF.
This makes the recording much more effective rather than operating it through a start/stop button via the IR port.

This version is smaller and lighter with direct video output connector (with Molex connectors).

Important: This module is foreseen with a Multi connector, present on Sony video cameras since year 2013.

Compatible cameras:

  • HDR CX410
  • HDR-PJ650
  • HDR-PJ780

The following functions can be used:

  • REC Start/Stop
  • Trigger photos
  • Zoom-in & out (variable speeds - from very slow to very fast)
  • Automatically switch on the camera
  • Switch modes (picture to video and vice versa)
  • Avoid camera Sleep-mode
  • PAL output (only the camcorders with LANC have PAL)
  • External status LED can be connected
  • Take pictures while filming (if the camera has this feature)

Besides these functionalities, the Cam-CTRL usefully shows the status of the camera and transmits it to the drone (functionality available with MikroKopter flight controllers). This means that a camera-status symbol is displayed in the Graupner-HoTT, Jeti or MKTool telemetry:

  • Camera ready (symbol: C)
  • REC active (symbol: R)
  • Zoom active
  • Number of pictures shot (indication: 0-9)
  • Camera is off (or battery is empty) (symbol: !)
  • Camcorder is in Photo-Mode and can't capture videos (symbol: P)
  • Cable to camera disconnected (symbol: ?)

Technical specifications

  • Weight: approx. 14g with cables
  • Dimensions: 30 x 16 mm
  • LANC - cable length: approx. 12 cm
  • Servo cable length: approx. 23 cm

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Cam-Ctrl shutter with cables



  • Triggering pictures while filming with the Cam-Ctrl is possible if your camera has its feature by itself.