JPay mini quad

Carbon frame to build a mini multirotor (4 motors). This multirotor is designed to be fast and...

Price: 79,95€

1.3GHz FPV wireless video transmitter-receiver - 1000

This transmitter/ receiver is a perfect solution for   FPV flying but also for photo/video...

Price: 159,00€

Crash cage for Aero-Tek airframes

This crash cage has been designed to protect the electronic part of your MikroKopter on the...

Price: 69,00€

Silicone cable - 24AWG / 0.20mm2 Black

Highly flexible Silicone cable.

Price: 0,68€

Silicone cable - 24AWG / 0.20mm3 Red

Highly flexible Silicone cable.

Price: 0,68€

Wi232 V2.0 915 - Channel 2

This is an already assembled and preconfigured WI232 module (915MHz) for the telemetry...

Price: 94,95€ 84,95€

Save: 10,00€

CineStar 8

Our CineStar 6 frame kit, foreseen with 450mm booms comes ready to be assembled. It is designed to ...

Price: 1.599,00€

AltiStep-33 (landing gear for Mikrokopter)

Universal part of a landing gear for the MikroKopter (for square tubes in 10x10mm). The height of...

Price: 19,95€ 14,95€

Save: 5,00€

FrSky TFR4 receiver

Radio-controlled receiver TFR4 from FrSky having up to 8 CPPM channels. This receiver offers 4 PWM ...

Price: 29,00€

Dualsky 60A ESC - XC6018BA

Dualsky programmable brushless high quality Xcontroller.

Price: 69,00€ 49,00€

Save: 20,00€

16000mAh - 6S LiPo - 20C

High discharge lightweight Lithium Polymer Kypom battery pack K6 series.

Price: 299,00€

I2C-USB module for PX4 / PixHawk® controller (NC)

This tiny module allows to easily connect a Pixhawk type flight controller with USB connection. It ...

Price: 17,95€