Laser Altimeter SF11 / C (120m)

The SF11/C laser altimeter is a system dedicated to multirotor and fixed wing drones. It provides...

Price: 329,95€

[IN STOCK] Here GNSS - GPS for Pixhawk 2

UPDATE MAR.31: The HERE GNSS modules are in stock. Here GNSS GPS module is the perfect fit for...

Price: 69,00€

[IN STOCK] Pixhawk 2 (Edison ready) + Here GNSS

UPDATE APRIL.18: The Pixhawk 2 (Edison ready) are in stock. The Pixhawk 2 is the famous and...

Price: 329,00€

[IN STOCK] Here+ RTK GNSS - Rover

The Here+ RTK technology is the perfect choice to allow your drone benefit from all the advantages...

Price: 309,00€

T-motor carbon propellers 16x5.4'' - V2

High precision light and stiff propeller made from carbon.  These propellers are used in...

Price: 89,99€

T-Motor U5-400KV - multirotor special

This motor is a high torque brushless motor especially developed for multirotors aircrafts. The U5 ...

Price: 119,00€

Battery connection cable - DEANS-T 12 AWG

12 AWG cable already soldered to a Deans-T compatible male plug, to connect your MikroKopter to...

Price: 2,99€ 0,99€

Save: 2,00€

MK50 Alu-Rigger BLACK (245 mm)

This is an anodized Aluminium rigger for small MK50 frames. The hole distance on the motor mount...

Price: 9,90€

Propeller pair EPP1045 / 3

EPP1045 propeller pair including one Right-rotating and one Left-rotating propeller.

Price: 3,89€

Graupner NiMH charger for radiocontrol 5.6V 200mA

Mini charger with lightweight integrated power supply. This charger is suitable for Graupner...

Price: 6,98€

Vibration dampers M3x20 - shore 38 - soft

Vibration damper (rubber) very soft used for light weight elements.

Price: 7,49€

Vibration dampers M3x20

Vibration damper (rubber).

Price: 7,49€