Maytech 8626 160KV motor - multirotor special

This motor is a high torque brushless motor especially developed for multirotors aircrafts. Thanks ...

Price: 219,00€

High gain antenna 433MHz - 6db - SMA

This powerful 433MHz 6dbi antenna allows you to better take profit you the full power of your...

Price: 19,95€

Frsky TARANIS transmitter neckstrap

FrSky TARANIS transmitter neckstrap.

Price: 5,95€ 3,95€

Save: 2,00€

T-motor carbon propellers 20x6"

High precision light and stiff propeller made from carbon.  These propellers are used in...

Price: 169,00€

Herelink HD Video Transmission System

HD Video, Telemetry and Digital control transmission system for The Cube (Pixhawk 2.1) Update...

Price: 873,00€


Ultra light optical flow sensor and LiDAR for The Cube (Pixhawk 2.1) HereFlow is a tiny module...

Price: 59,00€

Here+ V2 RTK GNSS (M8P)

RTK kit for The Cube (Pixhawk 2.1) Here+ V2  RTK GNSS (M8P) module is the perfect fit for...

Price: 660,00€ 610,00€

Save: 50,00€

The Cube Black Standard Set (Standard Carrier Board)

The Cube (Pixhawk 2.1) - Open Source flight controller with carrier board Announcement: For...

Price: 260,00€

MMCX angled RG174 RF cable (50 cm)

This product allows to make your own antenna (ex: 868MHz, 915MHz, 5.8GHz, 2.4GHz, etc.)  by...

Price: 11,95€

Replacement antenna for FrSky X9D transmitter

Replacement high gain (5dB) antenna for FrSky TARANIS X9D and X9D+   107

Price: 2,99€

I2C-USB module and buzzer to Pixhawk 2.1 cable

This cable allows to plug the I2C-USB module and a buzzer directly to the "USB" output...

Price: 5,95€

I2C-USB module for PX4 / PixHawk® controller (NC)

This tiny module allows to easily connect a Pixhawk type flight controller with USB connection. It ...

Price: 17,95€