Vibration dampers M3x8 diam: 10

Vibration damper (rubber).

Price: 5,83€

Vibration dampers M3x13

Vibration damper (rubber).

Price: 5,94€

Vibration dampers M3x6

Vibration damper (rubber).

Price: 5,86€

Battery charger CQ3 - 4 x 100 Watts DUAL power

This powerful battery charger and balancer CQ3 allows the charge of 4 x 6S LiPo batteries on the...

Price: 194,00€

Flight-Ctrl V3.0

The new FlightCtrl V3.0 combines now the flight control and the navigation systems with the...

Price: 299,00€

MK USB V3.0 (USBTTL converter)

MKUSB is a USB adapter interface tha allows you to connect the MikroKopter electronics to your...

Price: 14,95€

Here GNSS - GPS for Pixhawk 2.1

Here GNSS GPS module is the perfect fit for the  Pixhawk 2 . It was specifically designed and ...

Price: 69,00€

Frsky HORUS transmitter neckstrap

Comfort FrSky TARANIS transmitter neckstrap.

Price: 9,95€

16000mAh - 6S LiPo - 15C

High capacity lightweight Lithium Polymer battery for energy demanding drones.

Price: 319,99€

MK GNSS V4 + compass (redundant)

GPS / GNSS with two integrated compass-sensors : GPS/Glonass receiver of the latest generation...

Price: 99,00€

Transmitter pult for Graupner MC-32

Pult for Graupner MC-32  transmitter allowing you to mount a video monitor. Thanks to this...

Price: 249,95€

Safety switch, single-pole

Safety switch, single-pole. To be activated, this switch must be pulled up before being toggled....

Price: 21,99€