Cable set for Pixhawk 2

This cable set is a mix of the most important ones.

Price: 17,00€

Pixhawk 2.1 standard & Here+ V2 RTK GNSS Combo

Combo:   Pixhawk 2.1  standard flight controller &  Here+ V2 RTK GNSS kit...

Price: 920,00€ 870,00€

Save: 50,00€

The Cube (Pixhawk 2.1 with carrier board)

The Cube (Pixhawk 2.1) is the famous and successful latest version of the world famous controller ...

Price: 260,00€

Internal RF 2.4GHz board for Taranis X9D PLUS

Replacement internal RF 2.4GHz board for FrSky Taranis X9D PLUS

Price: 59,95€

Traco DC/DC voltage regulator TSR1-2450 5V-1A

DC/DC switching regulator / converter providing 5V in output voltage. This Traco regulator can be...

Price: 10,49€

Traco DC/DC voltage regulator TSR1-24120 12V-1A

DC/DC switching regulator / converter providing 12V in output voltage. This Traco regulator can be ...

Price: 11,95€

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) 40A / 2S-4S

Electronic speed controller (ESC) for brushless motors

Price: 29,95€ 17,95€

Save: 12,00€

Onmi directional antenna 5.8GHz - 2dbi (RP-SMA)

Omni-directional antenna for the 5.8GHz band. It is compatible with Connex HD wireless video...

Price: 4,95€ 2,95€

Save: 2,00€

microSD to SD adapter

Allows to insert a microSD card in a SD port.

Price: 1,95€


Buzzer (spare part for the FlightCtrl).

Price: 3,49€

Cube (Pixhawk 2.1) I2C Splitter

Thanks to this splitter module, you'll expand your Cube's (Pixhawk 2.1) I2C port. The...

Price: 5,95€

Mauch Current Sensor Hub X2

Warning: Have a close look at inter-compatibility between selected MAUCH products (see above)....

Price: 36,00€