Altus-NR3 - Septentrio, RTK GNSSS ground base station

Compact GNSS Rover for Surveying & GIS Applications. The Altus NR3 combines easy-to-use,...

Thermal camera FLIR Vue Pro R (Radiometric)

The new radiometric thermal camera FLIR Vue Pro R gives both drone operators and certified...

Price: 3.628,79€

Here+ RTK GNSS - Kit for Pixhawk 2.1

Here+ RTK GNSS module is the perfect fit for the  Pixhawk 2 . It was specifically designed...

Price: 660,00€

T-Motor set: MN7005 KV230 motor + ESC ALPHA 40A LV

This set is made of a T-Motor Navigator MN7005 KV230 motor with a ALPHA 40A LV ESC with active...

Price: 349,00€ 299,00€

Save: 50,00€

Electronic Speed Controller Maytech VESC60A

Open source electronic speed controller (ESC) for brushless motors, especially designed for...

Price: 149,00€ 119,00€

Save: 30,00€

FrSky R9 long range receiver with 16 channels and telemetry

Long range Radio-controlled receiver R9 from FrSky having up to 16 channels, low latency and...

Price: 59,00€

R9M EU - Long range module for FrSky radiocontroller

The R9M (EU) is an additional module for FrSky radiocontrollers that provides long range control...

Price: 59,00€ 49,00€

Save: 10,00€

Turnigy Multistar 45A ESC Multirotor 2-6S

Turnigy Multistar 45A 2-6S ESC speed controller for Multirotor. Details: Smooth and linear...

Price: 41,95€

Turnigy Multistar ESC programming card

Turnigy Multistar ESC speed controller programming card.

Price: 7,95€

Laser Altimeter LW20C/I2C (100m)

The LW20 is a small form factor, 100 meter range, laser sensor in an IP67 enclosure suitable for...

Price: 349,00€

Extension cable RP-SMA female to MMCX male - 50 cm

Extension cable RP-SMA female to MMCX male (angled). Reinforced and isolated, it offers a greater...

Price: 17,95€

Silicone cable - 26AWG / 0.13mm² Black

Highly flexible Silicone cable.

Price: 0,64€