Laser Altimeter LW20/I2C (100m)

The LW20 is a small form factor, 100 meter range, laser sensor in an IP67 enclosure suitable for...

Price: 349,00€

Pixhawk 2.1 standard & Here+ RTK GNSS Combo

Combo:   Pixhawk 2.1  standard flight controller &  Here+ RTK GNSS kit...

Price: 959,00€ 899,00€

Save: 60,00€

Thermal camera FLIR Vue Pro

With FLIR Vue Pro™ you get all the thermal imager you need for drone operations without...

Price: 2.418,79€

433MHz telemetry module to Pixhawk 2.1 cable

This cable allows to plug the 433MHz telemetry module directly to a serial output from the...

Price: 5,95€

I2C-USB module and buzzer to Pixhawk 2.1 cable

This cable allows to plug the I2C-USB module and a buzzer directly to the "USB" output...

Price: 5,95€

UgCS - Universal Drones control software - Pro version

UgCS is perfect to plan, control and manage flights, supporting most popular UAV platforms....

Price: 603,79€

Battery charger CD2 - 2 x 50 Watts DUAL power

This powerful and compact battery charger and balancer CD2 allows the charge of 2 x 6S LiPo...

Price: 99,00€

DF13 cable - 6 Position Connector 20 cm

Communication cable with Hirose DF13 series connector. It is 30 cm long and it is typically used...

Price: 2,99€

Vibration dampers female/female M3x12 diam: 9

Vibration damper in rubber threaded in M3 female/female.

Price: 4,99€

Vibration dampers M3x10 (D10 - L10)

Vibration damper (rubber).

Price: 4,95€

Vibration dampers M3x10 (D8 - L8)

Vibration damper (rubber).

Price: 4,95€

Graupner C 577 - GRP-4101

Standard universal servo with robust plastic mechanism. With additional cross.

Price: 14,95€