T-Motor set: MN7005 KV230 motor + ESC ALPHA 40A LV

This set is made of a T-Motor Navigator MN7005 KV230 motor with a ALPHA 40A LV ESC with active...

Price: 349,00€ 299,00€

Save: 50,00€

Laser Altimeter LW20C/I2C (100m)

The LW20 is a small form factor, 100 meter range, laser sensor in an IP67 enclosure suitable for...

Price: 349,00€

Thermal camera FLIR Vue Pro R (Radiometric)

The new radiometric thermal camera FLIR Vue Pro R gives both drone operators and certified...

Price: 3.628,79€

Angled micro HDMI to mini HDMI cable for AMIMON Connex

Flexible, solid and lightweight, this cable allows to connect a camera to the Amimon Connex HD...

Price: 59,00€

Jack 2.35mm male / 3.35 mm male cable

Standard jack cable having two male jack outputs: 2.35mm and 3.35mm.

Price: 9,95€

Here 2 - GNSS receiver for Pixhawk 2.1 "Cube"

Here 2 GNSS receiver is the new version of the world famous Here GNSS first generation receiver....

Price: 109,00€

JST-GH male / male cable with protection (8 pin / 30 cm)

Communication cable with JST-GH 1.25mm series connectors. It has a protection for uses requiring...

Price: 4,95€

Radio Telemetry Kit for PixHawk 2.1 - 915Mhz

This 915 MHz PixHawk / Ardupilot telemetry kit allows you to establish a telemetry connection...

Price: 79,95€

FrSky Receiver RX8R PRO with 16 channels and telemetry

The FrSky RX8R PRO rc ceceiver is an upgraded version of the RX8R. It also has up to 16 channels...

Price: 49,95€

Radio Telemetry Kit (B) for PixHawk (with Bluetooth) - 433Mhz

This telemetry kit 433MHz for Pixhawk allows to establish a wireless connection between a drone...

Price: 79,95€