UgCS - Universal Drones control software - Pro version (3.3)

NEW: AltiGator is now an official training center to UgCS software. UgCS is perfect to plan,...

Price: 647,35€

TR-1W - ADSB transmitter / receiver (1090MHz)

The TR-1W is a system that helps drones to integrate conventional airspace. It is among the...

Price: 724,79€

450 Drone Frame - Hexsoon EDU450

This kit includes the parts for Hexsoon EDU450 frame. Developped by Hex, this 4-propeller...

Price: 309,00€

XT60 female plug

XT-60 female connector.

Price: 0,69€

XT60 male plug

XT-60 male connector.

Price: 0,69€

XT90 female plug

XT-90 female connector.

Price: 1,69€

XT90 male plug

XT-90 male connector.

Price: 1,69€

T-Motor propeller cover for U & Antigravity motors

Cover used to mount propellers on U & Antigravity motors from T-Motor

Price: 2,95€

Mauch Current Sensor Hub X8

This sensor hub allows to connect up to 8 Mauch current sensors in parallel in order to add their...

Price: 159,00€

Foldable arm joint for 22mm tubes

This joint allows to fix and fold a 22mm tube.

Price: 19,95€

Foldable propeller blades holder (⌀ 22mm)

High quality foldable propeller blades holder made in rigid foam. Thanks to this holder, carrying...

Price: 1,95€

Futaba SBUS cable for Connex Ground Unit

This cable allows to connect a Futaba radiocontroller via SBUS to an Amimon Connex Ground Unit....

Price: 15,95€ 9,95€

Save: 6,00€