Y6-PRO - carbon foldable frame for 6 motors

Y6-PRO - carbon foldable frame for 6 motors

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  • Model: AERO-TEK_FOLDABLE_ATY6_PRO (40505)

This foldable frame is manufactured of carbon. The Aero-Tek Y6-PRO designed to be equipped with 6 motors in coaxial setup.

It was developed in order to allow to have a powerful drone using 350 watts engines but also able to be transported in the trunk of a small car, in a suitcase or even in a backpack.

It has been designed with vibrations absorption in mind and everything was done to limit them as much as possible. 

All the components involved in the manufacturing of this frame were selected for their high quality, lightness and

All spare parts are available for this product.

The Aero-Tek frames are all upgradable. They can be easily transformed from one configuration to another (upgrade a Quadro to a Hexa or an Okto-coax for instance etc) just by moving or adding elements.

Just fold it and go!

Our AltiStep-17, AltiStep-27 and AltiStep-33 are perfect to mount a tailor made landing gear (17cm, 27cm or 33cm of clearance):

Technical specifications

  • Weight of the frame (without landing gear, nor battery holder): 455 gr
  • Dimensions folded (frame only): 180 x 850 mm
  • Dimensions unfolded (frame only): 850 x 850 mm
  • Boom's length: 380 mm
  • Boom's diameter: 18 mm
  • Propellers to be used: up to 15'' (example APC 13x6.5'' E & APC 13x6.5'' EP)
  • Motors to be used: AltiGator A3536, A3536-LE, A3540-HD, MK3638 and their equivalents

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Aero-Tek foldable frame including:

3 x Carbon booms in high-gloss finish with mounting spacer
2 x centerplate in carbon
2 x spacers "fixed" in Polyacetal
4 x spacers "clips" in Polyacetal
12 x motor mount spacers fixing Polyacetal
6 x composite engine mounts
23 x stainless steel countersunk head screws M3x35
3 x stainless steel countersunk head screws M3x10
23 x nylstop nuts M3
3 x hex nuts M3
23 x washers Inow M3
6 x cups 3.0 / 11.0


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