XENA Thermo - Complete RTF solution for thermography

XENA Thermo - Complete RTF solution for thermography

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Numerous industrial installations and other constructions are already subject to thermal imaging inspection.

Drone thermal data acquisition constitutes a competitive, efficient, quick and reliable solution in order to identify thermal bridge, defective isolation, energy losses or structure deterioration.

Acquisition of quality thermographic data

Thanks to its technical characteristics and performance, the XENA Thermo is the ultimate tool for performing quick radiometric thermal data recordings.  A rigorous analyse of the geotagged thermograms obtained allows to take the necessary decision, by having a clear, complete and aerial view of a situation.
As a matter of fact, the XENA Thermo is a professional, robust and versatile system, able to easily embark the FLIR Vue Pro R (640) or the Optris PI 640 with PI LightWeight, two highly efficient and qualitative thermal cameras. They allow to record high quality radiometric thermal data and are perfectly suitable for UAV operations.

Reliable and multivalent system

XENA is a foldable and compact drone that is easily carried in its hard suitcase. It runs with only one battery, which greatly simplify operations on the field.
In addition to thermal diagnostics, the XENA Thermo can be equipped with a sensor allowing it to spot gaz leaks like the FLIR G300 a. This particularity makes it the perfect system to ensure safety on industrial sites.
The XENA Thermo is a made in Europe drone that fulfills all the necessary requirements for an aircraft operating in the European sky.


Technical specifications

  • Flight time: Up to 32 min
  • Take-Off Weight: 4.6 Kg
  • Max continuous wind: 50 Km/h
  • Max altitude: 5000 m
  • Power: 1 x LiPo Battery

Scope of delivery

  • OnyxStar XENA
  • OnyxStar 2-axis camera mount
  • Thermal camera
  • Batteries and battery charger
  • Ground control station with video link
  • Transport case