Servo tester

Servo tester

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  • Model: SERVO_TESTER (41744)

This servo tester is foreseen with 3 servo outputs (allowing to connect 3 servos at the same time). It also has 3 operating modes:

  1. Manual: to move your servos manually, using the integrated potentiometer
  2. Neutral: to move and maintain your servos at their central position
  3. Automatic: to perform a perpetual movement on the servo on its full movement range

Thanks to this servo tester, you'll not only be able to control your servos, but also your speed controllers, your photo shutter cable, your gimbal, a parachutes activation system, etc. In a few words, this tester is helpful for any peripheral that is operated through a servo signal.

Technical specifications

  • Number of servo outputs: 3
  • Power supply: 4.8 to 6V
  • 3 operating modes (manual, automatic and neutral)
  • Output signal range can be set to 100% or 150%

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Servo tester

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