OnyxStar® XENA-M - Foldable drone with 8 rotors coax.

OnyxStar® XENA-M - Foldable drone with 8 rotors coax.

Available on a per order basis

  • Model: RTF_ONYXSTAR_XENA-MK (42216)

Compact, light, powerful and foldable, this octorotor will be your ideal partner to perform multiple operations including aerial shootings, thermography or surveillance operations on any field.

Fold it, store it in his case or in a backpack, and take it everywhere...

The XENA is the last-born from the OnyxStar family, designed to comply with demanding operational conditions.

The last-generation reliable MikroKopter electronics, a robust and foldable carbon frame as well as its capability to carry a broad range of sensors are all key-assets that make the XENA-8F the most efficient and versatile professional drone made in Europe in its category.

The OnyxStar XENA is a complete aerial solution. This is why it is proposed with a radiocontroller, analog video transmission and ground control station, 4 batteries and a charger, and his transportation case.



OnyxStar XENA-8F - 8 motors coaxial and foldable UAV

A delay of 3 to 4 weeks is approximately needed to deliver this drone. It may vary according to the required options.

Technical specifications

  • Effective flight time: up to 37 min* without payload (i.e. 30 mn with 500g of effective payload)
  • Withstands strong winds of up to 50 Km/h
  • OnyxStar XENA-8F - 8 motors coaxial and foldable UAVCompact coaxial frame in carbon
  • Foldable arms and propellers
  • Protection dome for the electronics and the battery
  • Net take-off weight (approx.): 3500 grams (with 1 battery of 10000mAh/6S)
  • The drone's flight electronics are modular and scalable in order to improve the sustainability of your investment

* in good external flight conditions and with new batteries

Scope of delivery

  • OnyxStar® XENA drone
  • Brushless gimbal OnyxStar OBG-600L
  • Ground control station
  • Batteries and battery charger
  • Transportation case
  • The system is delivered assembled, configured and tested

OnyxStar XENA-8F - 8 motors coaxial and foldable UAV

Among available options upon request:

  • Additionnal ground-station for camera operator
  • Other -brushless or servo- gimbal for other payload (video and/or thermal camera for instance)
  • HD video transmission
  • Sensors with shutter system (when available)
  • Flight simulator AeroSIM RC for learning
  • Training




  • Some items may slightly differ at ordering, depending on availability.
  • The pictures of this drone are non contractual and show several items that are not included in this offer.