OnyxStar® FOX - Ready-to-fly drone with 8 coaxial rotors

OnyxStar® FOX - Ready-to-fly drone with 8 coaxial rotors

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  • Model: RTF_ONYXSTAR_FOX (42060)

The OnyxStar FOX is a robust, powerful and hard-working drone.

It was developed specifically to perform long missions that requires both precision and accuracy.

System built for flight endurance

Taking advantage of long booms, low kv motors and big propellers, the FOX can fly up to 44 min. Therefore, this drone is greatly appreciated for time-consuming missions.
This configuration also allows the FOX to be extremely resistant to its flying environment. In the end, high quality work can be achieved thanks to the specific design of this UAV.
In addition to being efficient, the FOX is also a very discreet drone. Even if it is slightly larger than other OnyxStars, its configuration allows it to be more silent than other UAVs.
Thanks to this characteristic, the FOX is a perfect drone for any application requiring to disturb the surrounding environment as little as possible.

Hard worker and reliable solution

Even as a discreet solution capable of performing long missions, its lifting capabilities have been optimized up to 5 Kg of payload.
The FOX is the ultimate and affordable professional solution designed to accomplish perfectly the demanding missions of its operator. More than just a drone, this OnyxStar UAV is a real member of your team.
Like all our OnyxStars, the FOX is equipped with high-end electronics ensuring its precision, reliability and efficiency. Geo-fencing, waypoint navigation, failsafe and automatic calculation of the image overlap are among the countless features this European made solution is capable of.
As a strong tool built with quality materials, the FOX has been approved by professionals seeking quality drones. It is a made in Europe drone that fulfills all necessary requirements for aircrafts operating in the European sky.


Technical specifications

  • Theoretical flight time: up to 44 min*
  • Withstands strong winds of up to 50 Km/h
  • Compact coaxial frame in carbon for an easier transport, despite the high power of the aircraft
  • Net weight (approx.): 5 kg without batteries
  • Maximum recommended payload: 5 kg
  • The drone's flight electronics are modular and scalable in order to improve the sustainability of your investment

* in good external flight conditions and with new batteries

Scope of delivery

  • OnyxStar® FOX drone assembled and tested
  • Adapted mount for payload
  • Ground control station
  • Batteries and battery charger
  • Flight case




  • The batteries are used by pair on this aircraft and are connected in parallel (2 x 6S).
  • The kit doesn't include any camera mount, but is foreseen to receive one.
  • The picture of this article is non contractual and shows several options (like the camera, the gimbal, etc.) that are not included in this offer.
  • Drone gehomologeerd DGLV
  • Drone certified DGAC (S1 and S2)