MikroKopter® flight electronics

Electronic components to build a MikroKopter® aircraft.
Made in Germany, the MikroKopter® system combines leading edge technology with high accuracy, reliability and flight precision, which makes of it the best choice for aerial imagery specialists.

MikroKopter® is made for professionals concerned by having a real after sales service for their work, an excellent backwards compatibility as well as the availability of spare parts and plenty of information supported by a huge international community that grows everyday.


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Flight-Ctrl V3.0

The new FlightCtrl V3.0 combines now the flight control and the navigation systems with the...


Servo Adapter

Adapter for connecting high-current servos to MikroKopter Flight-Ctrl V3.0.  There are 2...


Tiny Servo Adapter

Mini adapter for connecting servos to the MikroKopter Flight-Ctrl V3.0. 632


Navi-Ctrl V2.1 (navigation board) + external compass

This is a Navi-Ctrl kit - version 2.1 - with ARM9 microcontroller and micro-SD card socket. By...

219,00€ 119,00€

Save: 100,00€

BL-Ctrl V3.0 2XL(MikroKopter brushless motor speed controller)

Extremely fast brushless controller version V3.0 for MikroKopter The board is tested and...


 Temporarily out of stock 
BL-Ctrl V1.2 (5 to 8)

This I²C brushless controller is programmed to be used in configurations like the MikroKopter ...


MK USB V3.0 (USBTTL converter)

MKUSB is a USB adapter interface tha allows you to connect the MikroKopter electronics to your...


Cap for GPS-Cover 64

This is an alternate cover for the "GPS-cover 64" (if one does not use MKGPS). The...


Mini power distribution set - assembled

This is a power distribution board for up to 8 motors. Thanks to this circuit, the wiring of the...



This is a small extension board (bare pcb + parts) which can be assembled with the following...


ADXRS620 gyroscope (assembled)

MEMS gyroscope (ADXRS620) assembled on its adapter board. The adapter contains all required...


MEGA1284P (incl. Bootloader for Flight-Ctrl)

MEGA1284P controller: Spare part for Flight-Ctrl ME with bootloader already loaded.


STR911FAM44X6 (incl. Bootloader for NaviCtrl V1.x)

ARM9-Controller: Spare part for NaviCtrl V1.x with bootloader already loaded.


Micro-SD 2GB memory card class 10

Micro-SD memory card. This card is perfect for the flight recorder of your MikroKopter...