Flight-Ctrl V3.0

Flight-Ctrl V3.0

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  • Model: FLIGHT_CTRL_3 (42163)

The new FlightCtrl V3.0 combines now the flight control and the navigation systems with the 32-bit technology on one single board. This huge computing power allows a much faster data processing. The result is a high-precision flight of the drone.

The FlightCtrl V3.0 includes:

  • Cable to connect a PPM sum signal receiver
  • Telemetry connection
  • Already installed software

It is fully functional and tested.

The MikroKopter system is distinguished by its reliability, versatility, scalability, robustness and high technology with endless possibilities that make of it the perfect choice for professionals.

Specific accelerometer for an extremely precise altitude hold

MK-TT: Management tablet tool for Android

Automatic flight control on Android tablet

Combination of the automatic flight control software with Google Maps on Android


  • System made in Germany (replacement parts and upgrades easily available and in stock)
  • Modular implementation flexibility and ease of upgrade
  • High-quality gyroscope (MEMS technology) from Analog Devices

Technical specifications

  • 32-bit technology
  • 3 switching outputs
  • Status displays for each switching outputs
  • Up to 6 servo outputs to connect shutter cables or components to control the zoom and record operations of your camera using manual or automatic mode via Waypoints
  • Altitude control (up to 5000m AGL)
  • Redundant data bus for motor controllers (ESC)
  • Redundant flight control system possibility (with a second Flight-Ctrl V3.0 and an additional GPS receiver)
  • Possibility to connect different RC receivers
  • Store the flight log data on SD card
  • Can manage several multirotor configurations with up to 16 motors
  • Voltage: up to 7S (30V)
  • Weight: 32g
  • Dimensions: 67mm x 67mm (Hole distance: 44,6mm x 44,6mm)

All features you can use are described here: Features
(some optional accessories may be required)

Scope of delivery

  • Flight-Ctrl V3.0 (with integrated Navi-Ctrl 250m without commercial license), programmed and tested
  • 1 TinyServo board with two (max:4) Servo outputs
  • 1 Buzzer
  • cables



  • To be used with firmware from version 2.14
  • Please mount the FlightCtrl v3.0 vibration-free. You may use our M3x15 vibration damper for mounting.
  • Please read the software license before using this board
  • An MKUSB is required for the parameterization
  • The new GPS module MKGPS V3.5 required (or an older MKGPS with external compass).
  • With the "unlimited" license feature, the GPS range is increased to unlimited.
    (Please note that in some countries it is not allowed to fly autonomously out of sight!).
    In order to be able to use the full range, a combination with "Ignore RC Lost" is required


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