Flight simulator

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AeroSIM RC - Futaba square plug

AeroSIM RC connector for Futaba transmitter (square connector).


AeroSIM RC - Futaba/Hitec DIN6 plug

AeroSIM RC connector for Futaba/Hitec transmitter (DIN-6).


AeroSIM RC - Graupner plug

AeroSIM RC connector for Graupner transmitter (stereo - jack type).


AeroSIM RC - Sanwa plug

AeroSIM RC connector for Sanwa transmitter (DIN 5).


Universal cable for connection to a flight simulator via an RC receiver

Universal connector allowing to operate wirelessly a remote control transmitter on a flight...


AeroSIM RC® - Flight simulator for drone

AeroSIM RC is a drone flight simulator for PC that includes 4 MikroKopter models as well as many...


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