The material that is defective and that is from the manufacturer Graupner must absolutely be sent by the customer directly to the repair service of this manufacturer:

For Graupner material:
Graupner Service France
Mr Gérard Altmayer
86, rue St. Antoine
F 57601 Forbach-Oeting

For other material: For articles to repair comming from other manufacturers, before returning any material to us, it is nesessary for you to obtain an RMA number. To receive this RMA number you can send us an e-mail or a message via this page, explaining as clearly as possible the problem regarding the concerned material.

As soon as an RMA number is assigned to you, please download and complete this document, add a copy of the purchase invoice of the concerned material and send it to the address included in the RMA form. Please write clearly the RMA number on the top of your package before sending it to us.

Any material sent without an RMA number and/or without the RMA document correctly completed, will be returned back to the sender at his expenses.
See also our general conditions.