Flight simulator

Flight simulator with Mikrokopter models for learning to fly easily.
Thanks to this simumlator, you'll be able to learn flying without risk.
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AeroSIM RC - Futaba square plug

AeroSIM RC connector for Futaba transmitter (square connector).


AeroSIM RC - Futaba/Hitec DIN6 plug

AeroSIM RC connector for Futaba/Hitec transmitter (DIN-6).


AeroSIM RC - Graupner plug

AeroSIM RC connector for Graupner transmitter (stereo - jack type).


AeroSIM RC - Sanwa plug

AeroSIM RC connector for Sanwa transmitter (DIN 5).


AeroSIM RC® - Flight simulator for drone

AeroSIM RC is a drone flight simulator for PC that includes 4 MikroKopter models as well as many...


Antistatic wristband with ESD grounding cord

The electrostatic discharge or ESD can damage your electronic components or circuits by the...


Universal cable for connection to a flight simulator via an RC receiver

Universal connector allowing to operate wirelessly a remote control transmitter on a flight...