The Cube Purple (Mini)

The Cube Purple (Mini)

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  • Model: CUBE_PURPLE (42764)

The Cube Purple (Pixhawk 2.1) - Open Source mini controller

The Cube Purple is a tiny and simplified version of the Cube Black. The Cube Purple has a single IMU, which makes it perfectly adapted for ground vehicles like rovers, boats, etc. Thanks to its compact size, it can be easily integrated in any frame where space is a big matter.

Thanks to Cube Purple, you benefit from an advanced, power and reliable controller giving countless possibilities.


IMUs 1x 3x
Isolation for IMUs No Yes
Heating for IMUs No Yes
Size 38 x 38 x 10 mm 38 x 38 x 22 mm
Suitable for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) Any other type of drone (UAV, etc.)

Technical specifications

  • Processor: STM32F427 Rev 3
  • Sensors: 1x 10-axis IMU (3-axis accelerometer / 3-axis gyro / 3-axis mag / barometer)
  • Power supply: 4,1 - 5,7 V / 2,5 A
  • USB power supply: 4,0 - 5,7 V / 250 mA
  • Size: 38 x 38 x 1 mm

Scope of delivery

  • 1x The Cube Purple



  • The Cube can not be delivered to Ukraine and Iran.