SkyJib 6 - Droidworx

SkyJib 6 - Droidworx

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  • Model: SKYJIB-6 (40366)

The SkyJib series are the largest crafts in the Droidworx fleet.

These airframes have been designed around maximum capacity engines like the AXI 2628/12 or the AXI 4120/20 fitted with 14" propellers.

These crafts have 20mm 3k carbon uni-directional booms, stronger 4mm aircraft grade alloy anodized bolts and nuts, larger 11.5mm gear rail tubes and larger anti-vibration grommets and pads; the proven V3-AD series anti-vibration engine mounts and boom mounts are used in the "SkyJib"
only they have been increased in size to accommodate the larger engines, larger booms and the increased torque and thrust.

The gear rail brackets are made from 3mm poly carbonate with 4 mounting points for increased strength to handle large pro level video camera's such as the Red Epic.

The SkyJib 6 is designed for larger DSLR and Sub-pro level video.

Optional Retractable Landing gear available for the SkyJib craft.

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