Graupner transmitters accessories

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High gain antenna for 2.4 GHz transmitter (5db)

Replacement high gain (5dBi) antenna for 2.4GHz radiocontrollers with an antenna to screw.   ...


Charging cable for Graupner & Spektrum DX7 radio controls

Charging cable for Graupner and Spektrum DX-7 radio controls.


Front plates for Graupner MC-32

Laser engraved front panels of anodized aluminum for the MikroKopter standard channel assignment...


Mini mount for monitor on radiocontrol: Graupner and similar

Thanks to this universal mount, you'll be able to install your TFT monitor on your radio...


Transmitter neckstrap GRAUPNER HoTT

Transmitter neckstrap GRAUPNER HoTT with a confortable neck foam protection.


Trainer cable for MX-12/MX16s with MC-14 to MC-32

With this cable, you can connect two Graupner transmitters together, for tuition or to allow the...


Universal cable for connection to a flight simulator via an RC receiver

Universal connector allowing to operate wirelessly a remote control transmitter on a flight...


Replacement antenna for Graupner MC-32

Replacement antenna for Graupner MC-32 and for other Graupner 2.4GHz radio-controls with an...


Short control stick for Graupner radio-controls

Short control sticks kit for Graupner radio-controls.


Connector Adapter (UK to EU)

Plug adapter British to European.