Mauch PL HYB-BEC 4-14S (2x 5.3V / 1x 5V / 1x 12V)

Mauch PL HYB-BEC 4-14S (2x 5.3V / 1x 5V / 1x 12V)

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  • Model: MAUCH_PL_HYB-BEC_4-14S_4X (42627)

Designed for high voltage systems (4-14S), the Mauch HYB BEC is perfectly adapter for Mauch sensor board PL-xxx and Mauch Sensor Hub X2-V2. It allows also to power a flight controller like Cube (Pixhawk 2.1) with its output of 5.3V and also has a second output to ensure flight controller power feeding redundancy.

In addition to that, this BEC has additional outputs (5V and 12V) allowing to power some external equipment like gimbals.

This BEC has protection against input wrong polarity as well as TDK input and output capacitors to prevent burn out of the BEC from voltage spikes.

There is also a blue power "ON" LED.

Warning: Have a close look at inter-compatibility between selected MAUCH products (see below).

Technical specifications

  • Max input voltage: 60V (4-14S)
  • Outputs:
    • 5.3V / 3A (+/- 0.05V)
    • 5,3V / 3A (+/- 0,05V)
    • 5V / 3A (+/- 0,05V)
    • 12V / 3A (+/- 0,05V)
  • Size: 59 x 87 x 13 mm
  • Weight: 72g

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Mauch HYB-BEC 2x 5.3V / 1x 5V / 1x 12V (and its CFK cover)
  • 1 x PL sensor cable
  • 1 x Power 2 cable for Cube (Pixhawk 2.1)
  • 2 x Power cables for 5V/12V outputs