Hexsoon EDU450

Hexsoon EDU450

Price: 274,00€

Price without tax: 226,45€

Max: 5
Available on a per order basis

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  • Model: FRAME_HEXSOON_EDU450 (42732)

This kit includes the parts for Hexsoon EDU450 frame.

Developped by Hex, this 4-propeller multirotor is a perfect fit for drone pilot training, educational purposes and for anyone that wants to assemble a quality and cheap drone.

Hexsoon 450 propellers are meant to be installed and removed without tools. This means replacing them is easy as well as drone transportation.

Technical specifications

  • Drone type: Quadrotor (4 moteurs in X)
  • Material: Carbon

Scope of delivery

  • 4x Propellers
  • 4x Motors
  • 4x Motor mounts
  • 4x Arm mounts
  • 4x Arms
  • 1x Complete landing gear
  • 2x Centerplates
  • 4x ESCs
  • 1x Power module
  • Cable set


  • Hexsoon EDU450 standard parameters are available here (ArduCopter-4.0)
  • More information on the Hexsoon EDU450


  • The Hexsoon 450 is delivered as a kit. It has to be assembled.
  • [Update 19/11/2019] - This kit is available as pre-order. Shipping date is expected for end of December 2019.

Necessary parts

To have the Hexsoon EDU450 ready-to-fly, a few additional parts (not included in this kit) are necessary:

  • a flight controller (autopilot) like the Cube
  • LiPo 3S batteries from 3300mAh to 5300mAh
  • a transmitter and receiver having at least 6 channels
  • a GNSS receiver like the Here2 provides also GPS position hold capability

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