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TBS DISCOVERY PRO + Gimbal (top / bottom plate & gimbal)

The TBC DISCOVERY PRO is well know for it's easiness of build in comparison with other...

549,00€ 499,00€

Save: 50,00€

TBS Gemini mini racer drone

The TBS GEMINI is the latest generation of mini racer multirotor drone with 6 rotors. Its...

489,00€ 389,00€

Save: 100,00€

TBS DISCOVERY PRO (bottom centerplate)

Replacement bottom centerplate for your TBS DISCOVERY PRO frame. This is an essential spare part...


TBS - Core, power supply module

The TBS CORE power supply module is an essential accessory if you want to have a quality...


Video transmitter mount

Bracket in laser-cut aluminum to help you to easily mount your video transmitter on your frame....


Kit of 4 x TBS 400KV LR motors

Kit of 4 multirotor special motors proposed by the Team BlackSheep for the TBS Discovery frames...


TBS 750KV motor

Multirotor special motor proposed by the Team BlackSheep for the TBS Discovery frames. Small,...


Calibration cable for 4 ESCs

Thanks to this cable, you'll be able to calibrate up to 4 x ESCs on the same time. Connect one ...


Graupner E-Prop 10x5 propeller

Graupner E-Prop propeller (right). Propeller especially designed for electric motors. These...


Gimbal dampener upgrade for TBS Discovery PRO

Damper upgrade set for your TBS gimbal on your TBS DISCOVERY PRO frame.


Complete spare parts set for TBS Discovery PRO Gimbal

Spare parts set to build the TBS Discovery PRO Gimbal Frame. This kit contains all the needed...