Deans-T type adapter for 2 batteries connection

Deans-T type adapter for 2 batteries connection

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  • Model: DEANS_T_Y_ADAPTER (40882)

LiPo Y-adapter with DEANS-T compatible connectors.
This adapter allows using two LiPo batteries in parallel.

IMPORTANT: This connector must be used with two batteries that have exactly the same technical specifications. They must have:

  • an identical capacity and discharge rate
  • exactly the same charge level
  • been used the same number of times

These connectors allow a current up to a maximum of 50A - 70A in total. Therefore they cannot be used on large configurations like Quadro-XL, Hexa-XL, Okto-XL or equivalent aircrafts.

Technical specifications

  • Deans-T compatible connectors

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Adapter

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