AXI 2826/12 multirotor special motor

AXI 2826/12 multirotor special motor

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  • Model: AXI2826_12_MK (40320)

High torque brushless motor AXI 2826/12 GOLD LINE especially developed for the multirotor platforms.

This motor has a rotating drum and high power neodym magnets. It is manufactured with long cables (60cm) and a short shaft in order to perfectly fin on a multirotor frame.
The short shaft allows this motor to be mounted in a coaxial setup.

Thanks to it's high torque this motor is capable of turning large propellers with a high level of efficiency.
This motor is individualy tested and balanced at the end of its manufacturing process.

This powerfull motor is especially recommended for large setups like our OnyxStar ® aircrafts :

  • FOX-C8
  • FOX-C8-HD
  • BAT-F8
  • HAWK-M612
  • HYDRA-12

An optional propeller mount is needed to fix the propeller on the motor.

Technical specifications

  • Recommended number of cells: 3S-5S LiPo (or 10-18 NiMh)
  • RPM/V: 760
  • Efficiency max: 84%
  • Power consumption: 15-25A
  • Maximum power: 37A/60"
  • Internal resistance: 62 MOhms
  • Dimensions: Ø35x54mm
  • Shaft diameter: 5mm
  • Weight: 181gr
  • Recommended propeller: 12" to 14x7"

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Motor

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