Pythagoras® CAD + GIS software -V15

Pythagoras® CAD + GIS software -V15

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  • Model: PYTHAGORAS_GIS (42118)

Pythagoras software is designed to serve your needs as surveyor or engineer. It allows to produce sophisticated drawings and calculations through simple operations, no matter how complex your plans or projects get.

1. Pythagoras Base features:

  • Intuitive drawing & calculation tools
  • Advanced DWG & DXF files compatibility
  • Create symbols, line styles and patterns
  • Import geo-tagged images
  • Export to Google Earth
  • Create your own VBA macros

2. Pythagoras DTM module (option):

The Pythagoras DTM module allows users to create complex digital terrain models. Points and breaking lines are easily transformed into a field model. What follows is a swift analysis of this DTM or a comparison between different models.

  • Load surface point cloud data
  • Quickly create accurate profiles
  • Draw contour lines
  • Create DTM colorization and legends
  • Calculate accurate volumes

3. GIS module:

Pythagoras offers a GIS module that allows users to create GIS maps and perform analysis on these GIS projects. Creating and filling up databases, which can be linked to any objects, make it all possible.

  • Create thematic & spatial maps
  • Extensive analysis of your data
  • Advanced shape compatibility
  • GIS services

4. Pythagoras Geocoding: (Full option version: see dropdown menu)

Pythagoras Geocoding lets you generate your drawing in the field. The use of codes transforms field data into symbols and lines without having to draw one object.

  • Transform field data into a complete drawing
  • Compatible with GPS and TPS instruments
  • Automated control system spots code misuse
  • Combine GPS and TPS measurements

5. Road design: (Full option version: see dropdown menu)

Pythagoras proves to be a powerful and user-friendly application for road design. Well designed windows will show you the field data and an adjusted control panel will help you design the horizontal and vertical alignment.

  • Integrate horizontal & vertical alignment
  • Implement widening
  • Add utility references to your project
  • Create extensive profiles
  • Calculate volumes

Technical specifications

  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Point clouds or orthophotos need to be imported, Pythagoras does not produce them

Scope of delivery

1 software Dongle + 1 year maintenance


NB: No USB delivery, only software license - Product can be activated on one PC only.

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