Remzibi OSD - universal

Remzibi OSD - universal

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  • Model: REMZIBI_OSD_UNIVERSAL (40892)

One of the most versatile OSD systems is available now on our store! Remzibi's OSD board comes with the hardware necessary to connect and set up.
The OSD (On Screen Display) uses the GPS and battery data in order to display useful flight information in the return path video. This is a useful option especialy for FPV flying.

Technical specifications

  • PC connection for configuration/calibration purposes using dedicated PC program
  • No need for a free channel on your receiver for OSD to function
  • GPS detection and configuration automaticaly
  • Home autosave function configurable based on number of satelites - button "save home" works independently
  •  Metric(km/h) or feet(MPH) units - configurable
  • Zero altitude to airfield level - configurable
  • Fully configurable screen layout (no more cropped off data around the screen border like some other OSD's)
  • Graphical symbols and fonts configurable (Font editor for creating your own symbols and characters)
  • Voltages calibration function and all ADC inputs including alarms
  • Frequency calibration for Hz or RPM (gain definable)
  • PC configuration software includes GPS emulator for testing and setup purposes.
  • Language Editor - Currently available in English, Polish and French. Simple to use langauge editor can be used to translate to any other language.
  • Board measurements: 1.6 in x 1.1 in ( 4cm x 2.7cm)

Display options (additional hardware may be needed for some of these options):

  • Latitude (format DDMM.MMMM or DD.DDDDDD can be choosen)
  • Longitude (format DDMM.MMMM or DD.DDDDDD can be choosen)
  • Speed (k/m or miles/h can be choosen)
  • Altitude (meters or feet)
  • Direction home arrow (animated arrow or user definable)
  • Distance home (meters or feet)
  • Satelite quantity (GPS signal quality)
  • Heading (0º to 359º)
  • Video battery voltage (individually scaled and calibrated)
  • Main (Engine) battery voltage (individually scaled and calibrated)
  • Virtual ADC which keeps a running total for use with battery MAH consumption
  • Flight timer
  • Variometer (meters/s or feet/s)
  • UTC Time - UTC Date - Alarms for distance, ADC, atitude, battery voltages (individually scaled and calibrated)
  • 32 static displayed independent graphical-character symbols, configurable
  • Summary screen - after detection 0 speed for configurable X seconds, shows max values for altitude, distance, speed (function can be disabled)
  • 6 ADC channels to use with any additional sensors, each can be individually calibrated and have an alarm set, cooperates with any additional sensors (optionaly scaled by opamp or resistor dividers) with analog output (RSSI, air pressure, current sensor, temperature or anything else with an analog output)  display format as 123 or 123.4 can be chosen
  • Frequency meter (RCl input resistor need 220-515ohm or T0 in new board), can be scaled for any units by gain as Hz or RPM, cooperate with magnetic(halotron) or optical sensor, or can be used as frames counter when connected to RX output directly

Scope of delivery

  • 1 OSD
  • 1 GPS receiver
  • Connection cables