OnyxStar® FOX-C8 HD - Multivalent drone with 8 coaxial rotors

OnyxStar® FOX-C8 HD - Multivalent drone with 8 coaxial rotors

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  • Model: RTF_ONYXSTAR_FOX-C8HD (41666)

Improved version of the FOX-C8, the OnyxStar FOX-C8 HD is a robust, efficient and multi use drone. It is made to successfully perform any kind of aerial operation a multirotor can be given.

Powerful and adaptive, the FOX-C8 HD benefits from OnyxStar latest research & development improvments, making it a high quality drone.

Highly versatile system

Thanks to its modular and rational conception, the FOX-C8 HD is the ultimate multi purpose UAV. It is capable of operating various tasks for numerous sectors.
As a matter of fact, professionals from the aerial imagery domain as well as technical university institutes conducting advanced research with drones are making a daily use of the OnyxStar FOX-C8 HD.
The success of the FOX-C8 HD relies on its efficiency. Indeed, it can lift up to 3 Kg while remaining a reasonably sized drone.
The specific placement of the batteries makes the replacement operation as short as 60 seconds. Therefore, the FOX-C8 HD can work long periods with reduced breaks. In addition to that, it allows 360° video recording when equipped with its optional retractable landing gear.

Efficient and reliable

Flight conditions can be demanding and unstable. This is why the FOX-C8 HD has been designed to be capable of flying in windy conditions (up to 6 Beaufort).
Moreover, this drone is powered by the same electronics that successfully performed a flight at more than 11.000 ft / 3350 m (Take-Off altitude) and is equipped with more powerful motors while having enhanced dynamics.
Thanks to its lightweight carbon made frame, the FOX-C8 HD is a strong system that has already been approved by several professionals of the UAV industry.
Being often used to lift expensive sensors like LIDAR scanners explains how much trust drone operators are putting in their OnyxStar solutions.

This drone is approved by the DGAC in France in category E, for scenario S1 and S2.



OnyxStar FOX-C8 - homologu� DGAC - France


A delay of 3 to 4 weeks is approximately needed to deliver this drone. It may vary according to the required options.

Technical specifications

  • Theoretical flight time: up to 35 min*
  • Withstands strong winds of up to 50 Km/h
  • Compact coaxial frame in carbon for an easier transport
  • Net weight (approx.): 2.8 kg without batteries
  • Maximum recommended payload: 3 kg

* in good external flight conditions and with new batteries

Scope of delivery

  • OnyxStar® FOX-C8 HD drone assembled and tested
  • Adapted mount for payload
  • Ground control station
  • Batteries and battery charger
  • Flight case




  • The batteries are used by pair on this aircraft and are connected in parallel (2 x 6S).
  • The drone doesn't include any camera mount, but is foreseen to receive one.
  • The picture of this article is non contractual and shows several options (like the camera, the gimbal, the radio-control and its accessories, etc.) that are not included in this offer.
  • Drone gehomologeerd DGLV
  • Drone certified DGAC