I2C to PWM converter for standard controllers : I2C-2-PWM

I2C to PWM converter for standard controllers : I2C-2-PWM

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  • Model: I2C2PWM_CONVERTER (40611)

This converter allows the use of standard motor speed controllers (ESC) or multirotor special speed controllers with MikroKopter or any other I2C-based flight controller. 

Indeed it maybe necessary for some reason to use on MikroKopter standard ESCs that don't support I2C protocol.

This converter brings a solution to this problem.

By using a powerful ST micro-controller, it provides a robust and precise PWM signal output able to work with a frequency configurable up to 500Hz.

Thanks to this, the aircraft reacts very fast and has excellent stability.

This controllers is delivered with all the electronic components already soldered.

Technical specifications

  • I2C input from MikroKopter or similar Flight Control supporting same I2C protocol
  • I2C input from LotusRC T580 Flight Control (only supports 4 motors in this configuration)
  • Output PWM signal suitable for standard motor controllers
  • Supports 3, 4, 6 or 8 motor configuration
  • Configurable PWM frequency from 100 to 500Hz
  • Configurable emergency throttle in event of I2C disconnection (do not use this option with MikroKopter)
  • Configurable PWM pulse start / end points for custom ESC
  • Serial-console for configuration and firmware upgrade
  • Bind-plug feature to automatically calibrate all connected ESCs
  • Power by LiPo (up to 4S tested), 5V from 1st ESC (default), or external 5V from Flight-Ctrl
  • RoHS-compliant

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Converter



  • This article is not manufactured by MikroKopter.
  • The pin headers are not soldered, so users that prefer to directly solder the wires on the board, instead of using connectors, can do it easily.