GPS status and the geomagnetic storms

A geomagnetic storm, also called magnetic storm is a sudden and intense disturbance of terrestrial magnetism that occurs due to solar activity.

During this activity on the sun, huge amounts of material are expelled into the space.
These solar flares are accompanied by intense ultraviolet and X-rays as well by radio waves. To these are also added radiation beams of protons, electrons and other particles heavily loaded in energy.
When these issues take place towards the Earth, despite the great distance that separates us from the sun, they disturb our planet's environment shortly after their birth.

Solar storms generate GPS problems disturbing drones navigation

In addition to the problems caused to the radio transmissions, one of the biggest disruptions induced by the solar activity is the perturbation of the geomagnetic field and especially on the horizontal level.

In other words, the instability of terrestrial magnetism that follows a magnetic storm, destabilizes the orientation of the compass used on multirotor drones.
To this are added the inaccuracies caused in the transmissions operated by the geostationary GPS satellites.

To be more clear, when the solar activity causes a magnetic storm, the functionalities of your drone's GPS could be at least disturbed if not inoperative.

AltiGator provides you a real-time information about the potential solar magnetic storm, through messages located at the top right and also the bottom of our site.

Solar storm GPS status for drone navigation

The possible messages are:

Solar storm no GPS disturbance status for drone navigation: No disturbance
Solar storm GPS disturbance state: small disturbanceSolar storm at the beginning or the end of its activity: slight disturbance
Active volar storm: high disturbanceMagnetic storm in progress: strong disturbance (drone GPS navigation should be avoided)

In general, for any type of drone using a GPS, when state message is not "Quiet", there is fear of disturbance in the functioning of the GPS-related automations, such as Position Hold, Come Home, WayPoints navigation etc..

It is therefore strongly recommended not to use these GPS features on your aircraft when an alert for magnetic storm is in progress (any state other than "Quiet”).

Actual disturbance situation:
Actual GPS disturbance state: solar storms can affect satellites and ground-based systems, causing problems with navigation and communications

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