GPS receiver version 3.0 for MikroKopter

MKGPS version 3

The version 3.0 of the MikroKopter MKGPS module is now available on the market and spreads rapidly around.

This board integrates the u-blox NEO-M8N module with a high performing antenna and an integrated high-frequency SAW filter to isolate interferences.

One of the major novelties of this receiver is the fact that it supports the American GPS but also the Russian system Glonass and the Chinese navigation constellation Beidou. Thanks to this, it receives more satellites than the previous modules and even where the simple GPS coverage is poor.

With the version 3.0 of MKGPS it is now usual to receive regularly up to 16 satellites at the same moment.

MKGPS version 3

This version of MKGPS is equipped with the GPS-Shield (a ground plane for the GPS antenna) already soldered on the board, for a better reception and has also a place foreseen to mount the optional external compass.

The MKGPS is always used in combination with the NaviCtrl in order to provide to your MikroKopter the ability to navigate automatically.

The fix time (time that needs the GPS receiver to acquire enough satellites in order to calculate a precise 3D position) has also been decreased in comparison with the previous versions.

You'll find the MKGPS version 3.0 here.

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