FeiYu-Tech G3 3 axis gimbal for GoPro3

FeiYu-Tech G3 3 axis gimbal for GoPro3

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This is a very nice and well performing 3 axis brushless gimbal for GoPro3 which provides exceptional results, thanks to its powerful motors.

The FeiYu-Tech G3 has been precision machined in high quality aluminum (of type: 6061 -T6 ). It integrates two high performance brushless motors, reducing the weight and overall size of the gimbal.

Having been specially designed for the GoPro3, it is perfectly balanced minimizing the effort required from the motors in order to stabilize the camera. Thanks to this, any adjustment to balance the camera is not required and the vibration plate that comes with the gimbal provides an optimal  vibration insulation.

The FeiYu-Tech G3 can also be installed upside-down (on an airplane or on a car for instance), in order to increase the integration possibilities within your projects.

Functionalities and advantages

  • Vibration isolation mounting
  • High power motors integrated in the frame
  • GoPro 3 direct mounting
  • 3 operating modes and control via your radio-control

Operating modes

  • Heading Following Mode: The camera's Tilt and Roll angles remain stabilized, while the heading follows the nose position of your aircraft. The Tilt can be controlled by your radio-control.
  • Heading And Pitch Following Mode: The camera's Roll angle remains stabilized, while the
    • Heading follows the nose position of your aircraft
    • Tilt follows the elevation of the aircraft
  • Locking Mode: The Heading, Tilt and Roll are all locked towards one position/direction. The Heading and the Tilt can be controlled by your radio-control.

Technical specifications

  • Supply voltage: DC 7V to 17V (Recommended 12V, 3S LiPo battery)
  • Control angle range: -55Deg to 55Deg (roll), -180 ° to 60 ° (tilt)
  • Weight without the camera not the dampeners plate (approx.): 186 grams



  • The gimbal is delivered without the camera shown on the pictures.
  • In order to operate via an RC receiver, the gimbal must be powered up, after the receiver, which must be at that moment fully operational providing PPM signal at the channels that are used to control the camera mount.

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