EZUHF 8 channel transmission module

EZUHF 8 channel transmission module

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  • Model: EzUHF_8CH_TX (41677)

The EzUHF transmission module is a long range transmitter that connects to the PPM signal output of your radio-control in order to increase the range. It provides you a robust long range signal, filtering the external disturbances.

Technical specifications

  • Number of channels: 8
  • Weight: approx. 122g
  • Antenna connector: SMA
  • Antenna: 1/4 wave (approx. 160mm)
  • Power: 600mW
  • Power supply: from 7 to 12 Volts (2S to 3S Lipo)
  • Frequency: 433MHz


  • Reliable FHSS Link (Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum)
  • Operating on 433MHz
  • GFSK modulation
  • 600mW (~28dBm) of output power
  • Direct head-tracker input, adding head-tracker compatibility to most radios
  • Power switch to boost the power when at long range
  • Standard SMA antenna connector, compatibility with 70cm antennas
  • Flexible buffered, AC-coupled, PPM input, ensures compatibility with 3.3v thru 9.6v PPM levels
  • Standard USB port (Mini-A) for firmware upgrades, and system configuration
  • Single pushbutton learning of failsafe positions
  • Binding function, which allows binding Single Tx->Rx, Multiple Tx->Rx, and Single Tx->Multiple Rx
  • Operates with 8 channel, and 4 channel EzUHF receivers
  • Power sourced directly from the radio control, or via an optional DC power jack
  • Built in receiver, for future expansion
  • Custom extruded brushed aluminum enclosure

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Transmission module
  • 1 Connection cable (Futaba square)
  • 1 Power supply cable
  • 1 Antenna



  • Purchasing and using this material is not allowed in several countries. In some cases, it requires a license, in some other cases it is simply forbidden. In case of doubt, please do not purchase this material.

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