Boat mode: take off from a boat

Boat mode: takeoff from a boat

Sometimes drone users wish to be able taking off from a boat.
Even for very large ships, a boat is somehow always moving.
Before starting to fly a drone, its stabilization system needs to initialize the embedded movement sensors (gyros, accelerometers, etc ...) in order to have the necessary reference points to manage the flight.

aerial shooting pictures from a drone

To perform this initialization, it is mandatory that the aircraft remains completely motionless for a few moments.
Such an asset is practically impossible on a moving platform like the deck of a boat.

pictures on sea - drone takeoff from a boat

Since the version 2.08, MikroKopter has a "boat" mode which has been especially developed in order to solve the takeoff problem on a platform that is in motion (like a boat, or every other moving landing surface).
This method uses as reference the last values of the gyros that were saved during the most recent initialization made on the mainland. It is therefore important to have completed this process (initialization) during the last 1 or 2 days before, because these sensors are quite sensitive and unstable in medium term.

pictures on sea - drone takeoff from a boat

pictures on sea - drone takeoff from a boat

A specific stick combination handled on the remote control, allows the pilot to switch the MikroKopter in the "boat" mode being able to use as launching pad the beck of a boat.

pictures on sea - drone takeoff from a boat

images over the sea taken fro a drone - Mikrokopter takeoff from a boat

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