Laser Altimeter SF20/C (100m)

Laser Altimeter SF20/C (100m)

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  • Model: ALTIMETER_LASER_SF20C_100M (42472)

The SF20 is a small form factor, 100 meter range, laser sensor suitable for small drones and self-driving vehicles. It includes driver hardware and software to control a servo driven LiDAR scanner for sense-and-avoid applications.

With a maximum measuring range beyond 100 meters, the SF20 makes an ideal laser altimeter for small drones where weight, size and power consumption are critical. For terrain following, both the first and last return signals are available so the drone can track the tops of trees and measure the hight above ground simultaneously.

By adding a small digital servo, the SF20 can be turned into a tiny LiDAR capable of capturing 388 points per seconds whilst scanning the area ahead of an autonomous vehicle. Ideal for sense-and-avoid and navigation, the SF20 can either stream the measured data or make decisions based on preset alarms.

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 10 g (excluding cables)
  • Range: 0.2 - 100 m
  • Resolution: 1 cm
  • Update rate: 48 - 388 readings per second
  • Accuracy: ± 0.01 m
  • Outputs & interfaces: Serial and I2C (3.3V)
  • Power supply voltage: 5.0 V ± 0.5 V DC
  • Power supply current: 130 mA
  • Laser power: < 2 mW
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 30.2 x 32.1 mm
  • Operating temperature: -30 ... +50°C
  • Approvals: FDA 1710193-000 (2017/02)
  • Optical aperture: 28 x 15 mm
  • Beam divergence: 0.3°
  • Lens material: Glass
  • Connections: Wire tail, 5 core plus shield

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Laser Altimeter SF20C (100m)


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