Alexmos brushless gimbal controller - 3 axis/32bits with 2 IMUs

Alexmos brushless gimbal controller - 3 axis/32bits with 2 IMUs

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This is the official Alexmos 3 axis 32bits brushless gimbal controller. This board comes ready-to-use with the firmware pre-loaded. Of course this can be upgraded via the BASECAM software (GUI). 

The board is protected against the chocs by a box that isolates also the electronics from electromagnetic disturbance (like the vidéo trnamsitter etc.)

Thanks to the SimpleBGC firmware, this system offers a superior quality stabilization and the 32bits add an even higher precision .

The two IMUs (Inertial Measurement Unit) boards are mounted on the mobile part of the gimbal and detects at high speed the camera's movements. Thanks to the second IMU (included in this kit) the stabilization precision reaches unprecedented levels.

The result is immediate and the stabilization very fast, which provides images like never before.

Advantages and functionalities

  • Powerful 32-bits processor: ARM Cortex M4. Effectively calculates the complex tasks for 3-axis stabilization
  • Allows camera control with a radiocontrol or an analog joystick.
  • Use several switchable profiles for different modes of operation
  • Supports variety of RC protocols: PWM, Sum-PPM, spektrum and S-Bus
  • Battery voltage monitoring, automatically compensating the voltage drop in the PID-regulator
  • Low battery alarm (output to 5V active buzzer).
  • Increased number of inputs for controlling signals + 3 additional reserved input/output AUX1-AUX3
  • Can supply up to 1A current for external devices on the 5V power line
  • Dedicated UART-socket to connect optional Bluetooth module
  • Reverse-polarity protection, overheat and over-current protection
  • USB interface for the PC connection, to configure, control and upgrade firmware
  • Graphical user interface to manage the settings. Windows / OS X / Linux versions
  • Control through the serial protocol using a dedicated API
  • Improved attitude estimation algorithms
  • Our kit includes the second IMU, that will increase the short-term precision of the stabilization from 10 to 30 times (in comparizon with a single IMU operation) and  will make stable work in any frame position
  • Small size

Technical specifications

  • Size: 50 mm x 50 mm
  • Distance between the mounting holes: 45 mm
  • Diameter of the mounting holes: 3 mm
  • Weight (including IMUs): approx. 70 gr
  • Input voltage: from 3s to 6s
  • Maximum motor current: 1.5A
  • 5V/1A output for accessories

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Brushless motor gimbal stabilizer with the IMU and the 3rd axis board



  • This stabilizer requires some specific knowledge to be tuned. Please be sure having the necessary skills to set up this board before purchasing it.